It is noticeable that Salesforce’s tremendous growth over the past decade has brought Salesforce consultancy companies to the spotlight. Salesforce consulting partners play a critical role in its success. Their lifeblood relationship creates the strength of the Salesforce industry and the confidence of customer success.

Among more than 250,000 Salesforce channel partners globally, you could imagine the number of Salesforce consultants out there. So, what does it take to make you stand out in such a competitive industry among the best of the best?

I have worked as a consultant throughout my career in the past decade and with consultants…

Salesforce Developer I certificate is one of the most valued and fundamental credentials out there for a Salesforce professional, no matter what your role is. Someone needs to become a consultant, developer, or architect.

I have seen so many people get frustrated over this exam and prepare for the exam least effectively. Especially when you are like me, who is not an experienced developer, this process could be painful when you go in the wrong direction.

In this article, I will share four tips with non-developers to pass Salesforce Developer I certificate.

Coding is only part of it

Insufficient user adoption is one of the most common reasons a Salesforce project fails, especially when it comes to your Sales team. As the core revenue-driving engine, your Sales team should have a highly customized platform that delivers features that makes a sale rep’s life more comfortable and their daily work more efficient. There are many tools and features that you can use and innovate on to leverage your Salesforce for the Sales team. Here are my top 5 favourite simple Salesforce Lightning features to boost your sales team’s productivity.

1. “Guidance for Success” in the Path

Along with the visualized steps of a business process, you…

Have you ever been asked “Who can see what” questions? Have you ever been in a situation where you implemented multiple security and sharing settings but couldn’t find a way to validate and verify them? If you have even run into those situations, this article is for you.

In this article, I will list four easy ways to help you validate and test your security and sharing settings.

1. “Login As”

Preparing a Salesforce certificate exam can be stressful, mostly when you work full time on a tight schedule or have family duties to do. That’s why we need a well-planned timeline and plan to make the journey less painful and keep us stay on track.

Here is my way of making an actionable plan to help you become Salesforce certified based on your schedule. (To learn more about how to make an actionable timeline in general. you can check out my other article here.)

Step 1: Set up your goal.

Learning Salesforce is no longer just for Salesforce professionals. With the awareness of the importance of using cloud-based CRM, knowing and using the Salesforce platform becomes essential for various roles.

In this story, I will list my top 10 favourite websites besides Trailhead, where you can learn everything about Salesforce at different levels. Whether you’re new to Salesforce or have been around for a while, I’m sure you’ll benefit from a few of them.

I’m going to start off with the FREE ones.

  1. Salesforce webinars

Failing a Salesforce certificate exam is no stranger for anyone in the Salesforce industry, even for those with years of experience. So if you fail your certificate on your first attempt, you’re not alone. In fact, I should probably say welcome to the club.
Whenever I saw a post to celebrate their fail, I always like it. Because I know that person is more likely to learn from it and get it done next time on a high note. But with the cost of the exam and the stress that comes with it, it’s probably more ideal to pass it on…

Mistakes are good. In fact, I think they are great. Especially when you first decided to launch your Salesforce career. The overwhelming information about Salesforce products just non-stop come to you. It’s probably more human to get lost than to have a direction. If you’ve never got lost and made mistakes, you’re probably not learning or growing. In this story, I will cover four mistakes I made when I first launched my Salesforce Career. Hopefully, they can save you some time and get you back on track!

Mistake 1 — Too many tutorials, too little practice

With the influence of global pandemic, many businesses have realized the power of digital engagement and interaction with their customers and partners through online collaboration like never before. Salesforce Community Cloud has been playing a huge role in empowering companies to create and continuously upgrade their online community to help users. Since its creation in 2013, it has rapidly increased its flexibility, meanwhile decreased its complexity. As your company’s Community Manager or Salesforce hero, you are able to deliver an enhanced community experience to your customers and partners without even writing one single line of code.

Ok, I admit the…

Getting Salesforce certificate is incredibly popular and essential amongst Salesforce professionals. Administration certificate gets you into the field, but what truly proves your problem solving skills is the consultant exam. Not mention the depth of the knowledge in each certain area, just the exam outline itself has already scared many people away. If you are considering to write one or more consultant exams in 2021, keep reading and you will find some secret sauces that I have added to my consultant recipes.

Brandon Wang

12X certified Salesforce Application Architect

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